When Marriage Bulges At The Seams

Busy schedule, late working hours, house duties and taking care of kids all these factors influence your marriage greatly. And if one can lighten his workload and outsource some home duties to a professional he can never abandon his kids. Parents want to give their children only the best and they try to spend every free minute with them. Spending time with your kids is important, but so is spending time with your better half. In order to raise happy kids parents have to be happy themselves and that is why hiring a nanny is a must. If you fell that your marriage is getting rusty or your relationship lack passion then you should definitely think about hiring a professional nanny. A qualified nanny will not only take care of your child, but she will also allow you to spend more time together and that is all it takes to fix a marriage.

Hiring someone to take care of the kid is not a joke, and the responsibility is quite high. To take care of the child, the nanny or babysitter must be trustworthy, caring and reliable. These three are the main qualities a professional babysitter must have. Apart from these qualities, there are many others which are of great importance too.

If you are thinking about hiring a professional babysitter than make sure that she has the following qualities:

Things to consider before hiring a babysitter:

  • Patience

While dealing with babies, it is very important to be patient. And, isn’t it obvious? Babies can be cranky or they can be nagging, anyway an experienced service provider has to be ready to deal with it. A babysitter should find out why they are getting irritated or find the reason why they are crying. It is good to hire a babysitter who is experienced rather than one who requires training. For this, you can consult various agencies that provide full time or date night babysitters. There, you can interview different people and pick the nanny with a warm and polite nature.

  • Responsible

A babysitter must be responsible. He should hold himself accountable for whatever happens to your kid. Many college goers look for babysitting part time jobs and you should be careful if you decide to hire one. There are some who do not have any experience in the field, therefore the chances that he will do something wrong are high. Look for the one who has been trained to do the job. It is great to find someone who knows the knack of cooking and housekeeping as well. This way, in the absence of your cook or household manager, the babysitter will be able to take care of himself and the baby.

  • Calm

The nanny should remain calm in case of any emergency. God forbid, if the fire breaks in the house, you do not want your babysitter to run for his life and leave the baby behind. Many similar incidents like these can happen. The one you hire should be given situations while interviewing. They need to be attentive and react without hesitation. they should know the basics of first aid in case he or the baby gets hurt.

  • Good manners

The person you hire must be well-mannered. Hiring someone who is too revolutionary or likes to break the rules at the drop of a hat can be unmanageable. While you want this person to play with your child, you do not want him to teach your baby how to break the glass panes of the house. Hence, judge by the dress, walking style and communicating methods that he uses to judge how well-mannered the person is. Make sure they have good education and have no criminal record. Also, give them a list of guidelines to follow.

  • Multi tasker

Your babysitter or nanny must be a jack of all cards. This does not mean he needs to be superb in web designing and the top notch in sciences. But, he can be someone who is fairly good at tutoring/teaching and also knows driving. These are the basic things which can come in handy for him and your baby. If you pay the cost of hiring a professional, these are the services you must get. The babysitter is not entitled to perform these duties on a regular basis. But, once in a month, he can surely do that.

  • Knowledge about children

Handling children is a difficult task. Professional babysitter must have a thorough knowledge about various child diseases and their mood. If the child is small, he should know the proper time intervals between feeding. Also, he should be aware of seasonal diseases and take preventive measures against them. He must have a good knowledge about the child psychology and must do things to encourage the children.

  • Take care of themselves

The babysitters are supposed to have a good personal hygiene. If they get infected with something, it should be told to the guardians or parents. For proper child development, it is important that the person around him should be caring and free from germs or diseases. Certified baby sitters usually undergo medical health checkups every year so that the parents won’t worry.

How can you find a trusted babysitter?

Finding a reliable service provider is always hard and it is especially hard when we are talking about finding a babysitter. One way to find a babysitter is to ask your friends and relatives for references or look for them in your local newspaper. The other way is look for a qualified nanny on YouDo.com.

YouDo is an online portal through which the recruiters meet the employees. The certified professionals on YouDo are checked for having the perfect knack of handling the kids and getting along with them. You just have to register once and the rest is handled by the website. So, next time you need a babysitter use YouDo.