When Low Profile Fluorescent Lighting Needs Repairs

The beneficial lighting provided by fluorescent fixtures are a big factor in why it continues to be a favored way for businesses to light offices and work areas. If the unit quits working, it is a sign that it needs attention and possible repair.

Multi-Purpose Use of Fluorescent Lights

Office buildings, medical clinics, daycare centers, hospitals, and all sorts of commercial buildings tend to use fluorescent lighting as a main source of light. Homes can use this form of lighting as well to illuminate basements, dens, family rooms, kitchens, and the garage. Basement and garage areas typically have fluorescent fixtures that are obvious. Other areas of the home are more likely to use low profile sockets.

Brighter, Even Light Distribution

The quality of light from fluorescent units is better than most standard lighting fixtures. You can illuminate a larger area better, which reduces the need for multiple lighting fixtures. An increased distribution of light makes the room seem brighter. It is perfect for areas that require a lot of reading, or the need to see finite details.

What is low profile lighting?

Low profile lighting is where the unit is placed as a recessed lighting fixture, or it is at least even with the surface of the wall. It is most commonly placed in the ceiling. When in the “off” position, they are only noticeable by the plastic cover that hides the bulbs.

Tracking Down the Problem

If you are experiencing a failure with the fluorescent lighting system, you will need to do a little troubleshooting. Changing the bulbs is the first recommended step. If you know the bulb is good and nothing else appears to be wrong, it could be that it is not getting electrical power through the socket. You will have to change these out in order for the light to work again.

Locating the Right Low Profile Sockets

After turning “off” the electrical power using the breaker system, remove the sockets and begin a search for a proper replacement. You will find the right low profile socket by looking through the wide assortment available with companies like HH Fluorescent Parts.

Fluorescent lighting is relatively low maintenance but there are times repairs are required. Always exercise care when working with items that are directly connected to electrical power.