Virgo Ascendant – Indication in Houses

Dr. Shanker Adawal

If the men and women born in this ascendant have their Mercury robust, they are pretty clever, honoured, with desirable overall look, with some sensible artwork, fond of music and many others. If on the other hand their Mercury is weak, they experience from conditions of the tummy and the intestines, are troubled with skin difficulties and experience bodily in early life.

Libra in the 2nd House. If Libra falls in the next house, Venus gets the lord of the ninth house as perfectly. This kind of a human being receives fiscal wind falls. He is also benefited financially through the favour of the govt., and its officials. If Venus happens to be in Libra by itself, together with Ketu, the yoga tends to make the indigenous pretty prosperous, of cultured speech and of good options.

Scorpio in the 3rd House. If Mars is robust it bestows a lot longevity on the indigenous as it then gets lord of two houses, each of which signifies longevity. But a robust Mars offers pretty little wealth as it improves or boosts up poverty represented by the eighth house, and the one eighth to eighth i.e. the third, Mars in Gemini in the tenth house offers vices in youth and also offers violent brain in that interval of one’s life.

Sagittarius in the Fourth House. Jupiter gets lord of the 4th and the 7th houses, a robust Jupiter tends to make one possess a clever, sober, philosophical and ethical brain. His mother is extended-lived. He receives conveyances this kind of as auto and many others. He receives good features of life and peace of brain for Jupiter the significator of comforts and peace himself gets the lord of the house of comforts (4th). A weak and troubled Jupiter makes the defect of the ownership of two angles as a result of which it ceases to be a natural benefic and suffers a lot, specifically if it is situated in this kind of evil houses as the 2nd, 6th, eighth or the twelfth, when it delivers about a lot actual physical hassle to the indigenous in its sub intervals.

Capricorn in the Fifth House. If Saturn is robust the indigenous is probably to have a lot of daughters. The son of the indigenous is probably to have a severe tongue except Saturn has on it benefic component. If Saturn is weak and troubled the son of the indigenous proves a hurdle  in the way of the indigenous.

Aquarius in the Sixth House. If Rahu also happens to be in the 6th house, Saturn delivers some long-term illness to the indigenous specifically, when Mercury lord of the Ascendant much too is weak. In this kind of a circumstance the adverse outcomes for the overall body are in some cases due to the curse of the “beloved”, arising out of the rejection of her claims to enjoy. The fifth is the house of the “Woman enjoy” in a male horoscope and therefore Saturn lord of the 6th house signifies her adverse speech. (Curse).

Pisces in the Seventh House. In woman nativities, Jupiter lord of the 7th house assumes a pretty crucial and major position. For illustration a robust component of Mars on Jupiter can destroy the spouse soon, and a robust component of Saturn and Rahu and many others. can provide about the separation from her spouse. In this kind of nativities Jupiter suffers from the defect of ownership of two angles in the horoscope. Hence a weak Jupiter situated in the eighth, twelfth, 2nd or the 6th house (terrible houses from the place of see of health) offers a lot actual physical hassle in its most important and sub ruling intervals, If Jupiter is robust the indigenous is pretty prosperous and leads a at ease life, as it then gets the lord of both the houses of comfort giz, the 4th and the 4th to the 4th.

Aries in the Eighth House. Mars gets the lord of the third and the eighth house. Both of those are houses of longevity. Hence if Mars is robust the indigenous is extended lived. The character of the affect exerted on the eighth house and Mars denotes the manner of demise of the indigenous. If Mars is found in the tenth house one commits a lot sin, specifically in youth.

Taurus in Ninth House. Venus gets the lord of the ninth and the 2nd house. Both of those of these are benefic houses. Hence if Venus is robust in the horoscope it offers a lot wealth in its Dasa and bhukti. It also tends to make a human being handsome and in the good books of the govt. of the working day. If on the other hand, Venus is weak and troubled it denotes decline of wealth, established backs in job and reverses in dealings with the govt. The indigenous is also probably to experience financially at the palms of his brother in-regulation i.e. the youthful brother of his spouse.

Gemini in the Tenth House. Mercury gets the lord of the 1st and the tenth houses. It is, therefore, highly helpful. If robust it confers ruling powers, honour, wealth and status in its Dasa and bhukti and engages one in good charitable deeds. A robust Mercury also ensures early wealth to the father of the indigenous.

Most cancers in the Eleventh House. If Moon the lord of the eleventh house is robust the indigenous has pretty good cash flow and he has pretty a range of elder sisters. The explanation is that the eleventh house stands for the elder co-born of the indigenous and Moon a woman world would characterize the elder sisters of the indigenous. The point that Moon is the lord of the eleventh house also signifies that the indigenous is formidable, presented of system if the Moon is robust. A weak Moon lowers considerably the range of the elder sisters to the indigenous. It also denotes brief life to the mother of the indigenous, for the explanation that eleventh house remaining eighth from the 4th signifies the longevity of the mother, additional specifically when the lordship of that house goes to Moon significator of mother herself.

Leo in the Twelfth House. If Sunshine is robust it would give good outcomes in regard to finance, electricity and many others. in spite of its lordship about the twelfth house. The indigenous would be spendthrift. If Sunshine is weak and troubled by Saturn and Rahu, the indigenous may perhaps get rid of his eye sight.