The Shapes of 2019 Decors

Each new decorating trend provides an opportunity to either refresh your current décor or embark on a complete décor makeover. A new color emerges with each trend. The color trends for 2019 include something for everyone. Bright colors and bold patterns are trendy. It’s also the year for pastels to emerge as anchor colors and accent colors. Shapes play a key role in 2019 décor. There are various ways you can use shapes to create a relaxing atmosphere in each room of your home.


Tampa lighting is a good source for trendy lighting that can make a statement in any room. Pendant lights have been part of decorating trends for quite some time. The current trend is to include large pendant lights in your décor. Gold is popular now and brass pendant lighting is an ideal way to bring gold into your décor. Bell-shaped pendant lights complement 2019 décor trends. The latest trend also promotes the inclusion of structural shapes that add visual interest t the décor. Large artistically designed chandeliers can make an impressive design statement.


Harsh, straight lines in furniture design are being replaced with smooth, curvaceous lines. Pastel-colored upholstery helps soften the atmosphere in a living room or bedroom. Upholstered beds are being included in bedroom designs to make the room more visually soothing and relaxing.

Wall Décor

In keeping with the trend of using large items in your décor, a large fabric wall hanging would be an ideal way to update your décor. Big, floral wall motifs are popular in 2019 room designs. Indoor plants are very trendy. Wall planters with beautiful greenery can enliven your décor. Tampa lighting has wall lights that can highlight your wall décor.

You can incorporate a variety of shapes into your décor with rug patterns. Selecting accessories such as round or oval pillows and round lampshades and bases can soften the atmosphere of a room. Even the shape of a plant or its leaves can add to the visual fluidity of a room.