One way that is often done by people like in this day and age is to buy a house through a system of Home Ownership Credit (KPR). Yes, nowadays mortgage enthusiasts are increasingly growing. Even now you can buy cheap housing from the subsidy program cheap housing loan via perumnas provided by the government.
For those of you who are among the low-income community, you have the opportunity to be able to apply for cheap mortgages from this government. At least there are some advantages of cheap housing like this for you as a mortgage debtor.
The first advantage is you do not need to set up funds that are too large so you with income of 2-3 million per month still be able to buy their own home through this subsidized KPR program because maximum monthly income for the applicant KPR is about 4 million rupiah, for the income Exceed it can apply for credit for runaway. In addition, some house prices have been paid by the government in the beginning so you just pay off the rest by installments.
The second advantage is that the house is habitable, not a new home indent can be occupied after you pay the DP and the house is finished. This Perumnas is a low-priced housing that is provided and in the form of a building so only occupy it only after paying down payment. In addition, the legality of the house is also guaranteed because this house is a house Perumnas certificate on behalf of yourself in the sense already through a legal process and valid agreement.
Another advantage of having cheap housing from Perumnas is the availability of insurance that you can choose early in the agreement, both life insurance, and property insurance. You can choose whether to use the insurance or not. We all know that insurance is one of the best long-term investments.
The last advantage of cheap mortgages of this kind is the government ensures that the developers who are entrusted to work on these low-cost housing are developers who are already credible and have a good reputation so as to minimize the losses caused by rogue developers.
Talk about quality cheap housing, it feels like a fresh breeze that many people are waiting for. Especially for married couples who already have children but still live with parents or in-laws or who are still contracting or boarding.

Certainly more fun if you can find housing with a cheap price and can be paid in installments per month after occupied. This cheap housing is also initiated by the government as one of the programs of the Ministry of Public Housing (Kemenpera). Before deciding to apply for this cheap mortgage, there are several considerations you should do:

The most important consideration in choosing a cheap housing is the location or location of the housing. It is not impossible because it is related to life in the future. How to access home to the office or shopping center? Is it in a safe location from disaster prone areas? Although cheap though, if the access is difficult and prone to disaster, you should think again.