Pisces Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Benefic- Moon and Mars

Malefic- Solar, Mercury, Venus and Saturn

Mars and Jupiter, if conjunct, turn out to be Yoga Karakas.

Mars, by himself, does not turn out to be a Yoga Karaka.

Saturn, Venus, Solar or Mercury, if they turn out to be Maraka, lead to loss of life.

Planets for Pisces Ascendant – Karaka and Maraka

Solar- Solar assumes lordship of the sixth house. It is technically a malefic world but being in the nature of an Ascendant it does not give lousy results if it is strong. A strong Solar denotes formidable enemies.

Moon- Moon gets the lord of the fifth trine. As this kind of a strong Moon away from Solar is a excellent boon and makes sure prosperity, large intellect, foresight, and luck. If weak it denotes lousy memory, reduction of children and prosperity.

Mars- Mars gets lord of the next and ninth residences. As lord of next it would give the outcomes of the ninth house. Ninth being the very best of trines it would bestow significantly prosperity, favour from government and very good luck. If weak, it would point out reduction of prosperity by means of father and set-again in vocation.

Mercury- Mercury gets lord of the fourth and seventh residences-two angles and as this kind of loses its benefic nature. It can give, physical hassle by its place in lousy residences this kind of as 2nd, 6th, and 8th, and notably when weak. If Mercury is underneath very good impact of say Jupiter, Mars, Moon or Solar it would give very good results in the discipline of finance.

Jupiter- It gets lord of the 10th and first house. As lord of tenth house it ceases to be a benefic but as lord of Ascendant i.e., trine and a angle, Jupiter gets a yoga karaka i.e. a world offering electricity and prosperity. If Jupiter is strong, it would give honour from government one earns by dint of one’s own merit and will get of program prosperity, longevity and very good ethical attributes. If weak, one would suffer as a final result of action by government. One particular would eliminate intensely in fiscal affairs and honour.

Venus- Venus gets lord of third and 8th residences both representing longevity. If Venus is strong it would make certain very good longevity but would not be conducive to prosperity.

Saturn- Saturn gets lord of the eleventh and twelfth house. As lord of 12 residences, it should really underneath rules, give results of its owner ship of the other house i.e. the 11th house. A strong Saturn would, for that reason give very good cash flow and a weak one reduction thereof. A weak Saturn will be lousy for wellness too.

Yogas for Pisces Ascendant

Y-1- There will be significantly much less comforts in Moon’s sub period in the Important period of Jupiter, for Pisces Ascendant.

Take note- Moon and Jupiter ha s6th and 8th romantic relationship.

Y-two- Jupiter in Most cancers in fifth house indicates birth of daughter without, fall short.

Y-3- If Solar-(6L) and Mercury –(4L and 7L) are conjunct, the latter big period confers benefic outcomes.

Y-four- If Mars (9L) and Moon-(5L) are conjunct, the latter will get a lot more highly effective.

Y-5a- If Jupiter-(10L) and Mars-(9L) are similarly conjunct, Mars gets a lot more highly effective.

Y-five-b- If Moon-(5L) and Jupiter-(1L and 10L) conjunct, Moon gets highly effective.

Take note- The outcomes provided will be clearly relished by natives of Pisces Ascendant, all through the involved big periods.

Y-six- Achieve of significantly income will take place in Moon’s big period if Moon is positioned in 2nd while Mars is in fifth.

Y-7- Fantastic prosperity will be amassed by natives with Venus is in 6th of Pisces Ascendant, while Jupiter is in ninth, Saturn in ninth, Moon and Mars alongside one another in 11th, (All the planets positioned in specified signs concurrently.

Y-8- Moon, Mars and Mercury in Capricorn for this Ascendant denotes prosperity and conveyance.

Y-9- Wealth in Venus Important period will take place if Saturn & Moon are in Ascendant, while Mars is in 11th and Venus in 8th.

Y-ten- Jupiter Moon, Mars in 4th, without connections of Saturn and Venus will final result in native assuming ruler ship around a huge location in big periods of the three, first talked about planets.

Pisces: Yogas from Bhavartha Ratnakar

1. While Venus in 12th generates benefic results for all other ascendants, this is just not the scenario for possibly Pisces or Aquarius.

two. Saturn in Aquarius is very good. However, if Moon is in Aquarius, the native suffers poverty (though you will find an alleviation of this in Jupiter Dasa, Moon bukti).

3. Jupiter in Most cancers will bestow a lot more daughters than sons.

four. If Moon is in Aries and Mars in Most cancers, Moon’s dasa provides prosperity.

five. If Moon and Mars are in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo, Venus in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio, the native will be highly privileged.

six. A Moon-Mercury-Mars mix in Capricorn is an indicator of prosperity and conveyances.

7. If Saturn and Moon are in Ascendant, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Leo, predict fortune for the native.

8. If Mercury, Jupiter, Moon and Mars are in Ascendant, the dasas of these planets bring in immense fame, electricity and prosperity.

9. Jupiter posited in Sagittarius absolutely causes a rajayoga.

10a. If Moon is in Taurus, Solar in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Capricorn, there’ll be significantly fortune to the native.

10b. Even if one or two of these mixtures are absent, there will still be entire outcomes of a rajayoga.