Organic Art…painting with food stuff, berries, and flowers!

The other working day I started out experimenting with different artwork materials. There are so many methods to build definitely first artwork. With a blank white piece a paper in front of me there are no restrictions.

I straight away went to the refrigerator. I utilised broccoli scrubbed into the paper, then carrots, and beet juice. This led me to the spice cupboard in which cous-cous seasoning set out a powerful, and abundant ochre colour. Cinnamon was wonderful and delicate and worked very well for some shadowing effects. This was a fascinating experiment in the intensity and quantities of organic dye in food stuff and spice samples!

I then took my colour research exterior. To my shock the dazzling crimson geraniums that are exterior my front doorway, when squished and scrubbed into the paper I was doing work with switch an amazing dark purple. Bouganvilla blossoms also a crimson variety switch a really wonderful… rasberry. I use some yummy tree bark to scrub alongside facet the daring colours to soften the changeover of colours. It works, as does a wierd inexperienced seed, for some really described inexperienced lines of way. Kentucky blue grass scrubbed into paper leaves a delicate chlorophyll smudge to participate in with.

So, attempt some thing new with artwork. Go exterior, obtain flowers, twigs, bark, seeds, grasses, soil, something and everything. You will be surprised at the colours you get , the quantities of colour contained in items, and it will be a action back into time. I was constantly intriqued by the really very first airbrush paintings on the cave partitions at Lascaux south western France, in which pigments were blown via a reed, and scrubbed on with mats of moss. These illustrations or photos were made of maganese and iron oxide and are above 17,000 many years aged.

There are so many possibilities when thinking about painting with nature, you just have to give different things a attempt.


“Quickly food stuff”                       18×24

Broccoli, carrots, cinnamon, tree bark, cous-cous seasoning, crimson geraniums, purple bouganvilla, curry powder, and a wierd inexperienced seed, on watercolor paper.

Art should really not be snug, it should really be some thing of the unfamiliar, a problem. Artists require to reach, to check out, to inspire, and examine….. opening new frontiers in considered.

Go out and contact some thing new now.