How to Install a Fireplace Mantel

A lot of home improvement stores or centers offer you pre-assembled fire mantels. Nevertheless, you can also personalize a fire mantel of your selection. Making and putting in your individual fire mantel also proves to be a excellent cash preserving plan. Additionally, you can also include a contact of your artistic and creativity to enhance the glance of your fire.

Products Needed

* Paint
* four-inch paintbrush
* 2-inch paintbrush
* Primers
* Gentle fixtures
* Sandpaper
* Fireplace doorways
* Circular saw or table saw
* Miter saw
* Wooden screws
* End nails
* Fluted wooden molding
* Crown molding
* Foundation cap molding
* Joint molding
* Screw gun
* Screws
* Nail gun/nails

Ways for Fireplace Mantel Set up

1. Install the backing boards all around the fire and situation the new mantel appropriately. Mark the situation of the sides and the best of the mantel diligently. Soon after measuring the pin position positions of the hollow spots at the again oh the mantel, transfer the measurements onto the wall. Employing a stud finder, identify and mark the positions of the studs behind the wall.

2. Change a 1″x 2″ wood board t act as the best backing board. Fix the board to the wall employing 3-inch all-reason screws. Observe the exact technique for the side parts. If studs are absents, use toggle bolts to resolve the parts.

3. Change and resolve the fire mantel on the wood strips. Make sure that the leveling is great.

four. On the best and the sides, drill pilot holes about eight” to ten” aside. Employing finish nails, install the fire mantel onto the wood boards. Use wooden filler to address and fill the nail holes. When the filler dries, smoothen the floor employing sandpaper. Fill in all the gaps and use the paint of your selection to match your taste.

Excess Bits:

A fire can be heat and inviting, but a fire can be exceptionally harmful. A lot of applications you use for your fire will be going instantly into the fire, so you want to make confident they are fire-resistant and safe for you to tackle. Definitely, everything that does go into the fire ought to be created of a resilient product, these kinds of as wrought iron. But if you do not like the glance of wrought iron, there are plenty of other supplies you can select from that include brass, copper, bronze, nickel, graphite, stainless metal, pewter, and extra. In addition, a good pair of fire-resistant gloves will stop your fingers from burning.

Fireplace Tools and Your House Décor

Protection and features are critical elements to picking the correct fire applications for your fire, but these applications are also ornamental parts that include design to your fire and your property. As a consequence, you do not want to just select the initial established that you see. There are quite a few unique models offered, from common to present-day, that can complement the present-day style of your property. Use your present-day property décor as a manual when you select the glance of your new fire extras. If you might be wanting for some thing with an antique experience, do not purchase the modern stainless metal fire instrument established. Hold out till you obtain the established that will work for you.