Executing a Kitchen – What Do You Do About Countertops?

If you are in an more mature dwelling, there are only two kinds of countertops you are probable to have: tile or laminate (this kind of as Formica). If you have tile, probably the tiles are cracked and the grout is discolored. If you have laminate, the surface area might be burned, discolored, or worn by means of in places, or the laminate might be peeling off. Either way, it might glimpse terrible. But you will not want to commit an arm and a leg. Can you correct up the aged?

Continue to keep in head the good quality of the dwelling you are in and what is justi¬fied by the community. In a higher-priced location, it might be the norm to have tile, granite, or 1 of the newer artificial surfaces. In a decreased-priced location, tile or laminate might be the norm. You don t want to do any renovation job that will drive down the good quality of the dwelling for its location.

Can I Help save the Previous Countertop?
If your countertop is tile and it is cracked and banged up, then replacing it solely is the only remedy. On the other hand, the largest challenge with tile is probable to happen close to the edges, which get the worst abuse as issues get bumped against them. If only a couple of edge tiles are in terrible form, you might consider to yourself that you will sim¬ply switch them and then are living with the rest of the countertop.

When kitchen tile is aged, alternative becomes a prob¬lem. Unless of course you have added tile in the garage, the likelihood are remote that you will be in a position to go to a retail outlet and obtain the correct same tile in conditions of coloration and tex¬ture as in your kitchen. You might be in a position to obtain close. But close will glimpse terrible when installed. It will glimpse like a terrible work and will produce just as a lot of an eyesore as the original cracked tile.

If any of the edge tile is cracked, I suggest that you switch all the tile on the countertop. Alternatively, you could place an solely new edge on, if you can obtain tile that is complementary.

Yet another remedy is to eliminate all the edge tile and place a hard¬wood border close to the countertop. The hardwood borders, intro¬duced in Scandinavia, are thought of modern and can increase an classy touch to a kitchen.

On the other hand, probably the tile is intact, but the grout is dis¬colored. The situation can be salvaged by working with a narrow screwdriv¬er (or other pointed tool) to diligently dislodge the aged grout. Try out to eliminate it as far down as you can, if achievable to the foundation, devoid of detrimental any of the existing tile. This is a time-consuming and arduous work, and there is generally the possibility that you will harm or split free a couple of tiles. Maddeningly, this usually happens just at the finish of the get the job done!

If you are productive in cleansing out the aged grout, then regrout the tile. If the aged tile is in fantastic form, regrouting can rejuvenate an complete kitchen.

If a one tile is free in this article and there, you can careful¬ly eliminate it with your fingers or a pencil and then reat¬tach and regrout. (Don’t use a hard object this kind of as a screwdriver to pry up the edges, which might final result in chipping.) The final result is usually very acceptable.

It is achievable to renovate an existing tile countertop devoid of actu¬ally replacing all the tile. I have performed this, and the outcomes can be magnificent.

But if you have a laminate countertop that seems to be terrible, simply approach on replacing it. There’s truly very little that you can do to salvage it. Previous burns will not arrive out, and light, worn tops can not be resur¬faced. The only thing that can be performed cosmetically is to reglue any strips that have arrive free from their laminate bond. Normally, how¬ever, this is only a non permanent correct and seldom seems to be fantastic.

What If the Existing Countertop Is Not Salvageable?
In advance of you set up a new countertop, the existing countertop should be demolished. This is a messy work that typically requires sledgeham¬mers (in the case of existing tile) to split out the aged surface area. With other surfaces, this kind of as laminate, it will involve unscrewing the counter-major, breaking the seams, and taking away the big foundation items. Demolition typically can be performed in just a couple of several hours.

Then a new basis (cement, some style of cement board, or plywood) should be laid on the cupboards, and the new countertop placed on major of it. The time frame could be any where from a couple of times to quite a few weeks. You will not be in a position to use the kitchen all through installation of a new countertop.

How Considerably Will I Recoup?
If you do a fantastic work in replacing a countertop, you really should be in a position to recoup not only all the money you commit but much more, often far much more.

The reason is easy: As I’ve reported, the kitchen is the most impor¬tant place in the house. Folks commit a lot of time in the kitchen, and in many respects it is the showcase for the dwelling. While other rooms are just floors, partitions, and ceilings, the kitchen has cupboards, appliances, and of study course countertops. These present off the good quality of the over-all dwelling. Usually as a lot money goes into the presentation of the kitchen as into all the other rooms put together.

Renovate the countertop and you will have transformed the over-all character of the kitchen, presumably for the much better.