Differences In Commercial and Residential Gutters

The gutters and downspouts for homes and commercial buildings might look similar, but they are very different in a few critical ways. Below is a comparison of both to demonstrate the need for professional assessment and installation of the right products.

One Uniform Function

Gutters are designed to assist in the proper removal of water from the roof of both commercial and residential buildings. The design, shape, size, and materials might differ, but the overall job is the same. Without suitably sized and fitted gutters, water, snow, and ice can build up at the edge of the roof and begin causing all sorts of water damage to the structure. A detailed and efficient way to remove this moisture is an essential part of keeping a building structurally sound.

Variance In Codes and Regulations

The differences in requirements between a residential and commercial gutter system can be vast. You will not be able to use the prefabricated materials sold for homes on a commercial building and assume it will pass local codes and regulations. You are required to use materials that are sized and deemed suitable for commercial drainage.

Amount of Water

Most business buildings are much larger than a home. It means there will be much more water draining from the roof during any given period of rain, snow, and ice. The path of this water leads towards drainage ditches and sewers. Improper drainage can cause localized street flooding. It is why there are stricter regulations regarding drainage for businesses.

Material and Durability Demands

More significant volumes of water from commercial roofing will require materials that can carry the extra weight. Thin aluminum, steel, or vinyl are the typical home gutter material choices. Commercial gutters have to be thicker and of bigger dimensions to keep water flowing fast enough to avoid a backflow over the roof. A commercial gutter system will be costlier than a residential one. Therefore it is expected that the quality is durable enough to last for a few years without serious problems.

Drainage Requirements

The water that comes down off of residential roofing can be directed through the gutter, out the downspout and emptied in a direction that heads towards the street. The water will then flow down to a community drain for disposal. A business downspout often joins to a French drain or culvert for water removal.

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