Cleaning Your Property after a Fire

Fire damage restoration is the process whereby damage caused by fire, be it in a residential area or a commercial area, is repaired. The goal is to allow the building’s occupants to be able to use the building in a normal way again. There is a standard fire damage restoration process that most companies use. Understanding this process will make it easier for you to know what to expect in the days after a fire.

Many fire restoration companies will provide an emergency contact. The emergency contact puts you in touch with someone who can make arrangements to immediately get out to your property in the moments following a fire. Of course, the emergency services provided by the firefighters and those in the ambulance are going to be the ones who take care of the actual fire. However, if a fire causes a hole in your roof, you want someone to get out immediately and cover that hole before the hole allows water filtration. This is where emergency services come into play. Their goal is to address problems immediately and prevent them from becoming more severe.

Another form of assistance that fire restoration north carolina company may offer is an immediate assessment. The sooner the damages are assessed, the easier it is to create a plan of action to repair your property. They will look at how far the fire went inside the building as well as the effect that the smoke and soot have had. They will look at your furniture to see how it has been affected as well. A detailed assessment of the damage will not only give you an idea of the repair costs, but it will also give you a timeframe for when the project will be finished.

The next step is sealing off any openings in the building. This means plugging up any holes in your roof or in your walls. If there is a burst pipe, it will be fixed. The goal is to stop the source of potential damage before it gets worse.

Finally, the cleanup process begins. During the cleanup process, fire damage is restored and smoke and soot are removed. And every step is taken to make your home look like new again. Living through a fire can be traumatic. Thankfully, there are experts who can help you get your home or your business back on track.