Art Nouveau 1890 – 1914 – Art Nouveau fashion jewelry

The Art Nouveau or ‘New Art’  motion heralded potentially one particular of the most interesting departures from mainstream style in the historical past of  the creative arts.  In numerous techniques Art Nouveau was a response to the Industrial Revolution.

A wave of technological progress had unfold across Western Europe, embracing the aesthetic choices of new resources making use of equipment that could make and reproduce to extravagantly high degrees of precision, and even much more important, opening a commercial market for the masses. It was a time when normal people could anticipate to personal issues, and how much better to celebrate than by means of the possession of art, textiles and jewelry.

Jewelry was one particular of the most thriving, and the purest expression of the Art Nouveau fashion.  It was sensuous, organic, and ingenious.  The joy for the liberty of expression promptly took keep and in Paris, Belgium and London collections of jewelry went on display characterised by a sense of liberty.

It was a Frenchman,  Siegfried Bing who opened the first Gallery in Paris displaying Art Nouveau.  Tiffany built glassware, jewelry and ceramics, and was quickly joined by artisans these kinds of as Louis Bonnier, Frank Brangwyn and Edouard Viuillard, even though our personal William Morris shown his furnishings.  The entire world of style quickly picked up the ‘new look’ and copies went on sale during Europe.

Objects of good jewelry, often formed in the flowing signature of the S curve, turned the rage, everybody wished to personal a brooch, or pair of earrings created in the ‘new style’.  Necklaces were made with fantastically crafted pendants, built to make the centre piece of an outfit, hair combs and hatpins turned vital and extravagant decorative additions to hats and elaborate hairstyles, belt buckles, tiaras, diadems and theatrical headpieces gave a liberty to artists and wearer, supplying full rein to the creativeness and creative talents.

Probably the most interesting part of the new age in jewelry earning was the resources utilised.  Apart from the common and pricey silver, gold and diamonds which seriously were confined to the rich, normal people could now acquire beautiful items crafted from semi treasured stones these kinds of as moonstones. Opal, coral, mom of pearl, freshwater pearls, tortoise shell, ivory and horn, but also copper, crystal and carved glass.  Probably the most unique and inspiring get the job done arrived from the new and interesting use of enamelling approaches.

Craftsmen making use of gold wire to form partitions into which colored enamel is poured made elaborate and colourful types of bouquets, butterflies and even colourful insects. Although the early Egyptians commenced the art of enamelling, it was perfected by the Russian Jeweller Karl Faberge, and illustrations of his get the job done are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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The liberty of expression which characterised the Art Nouveau motion is a aspect of present day style. People today still take pleasure in expressing on their own by means of jewelry.  With the superb variety of delicate or expressive reproductions built and crafted by our workforce, you can compliment any outfit.

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