5 Best Ideas to Organize and Improve Your Home

Getting your home organized can improve your home space, however it can be a huge pain if you have a lot of furniture, books and any other things. One of the best way to free up space and conveniently hold items is by placing shelves on the wall of your home. Not only capable to create useful storage space, shelves are capable to transform your blank walls into stunning display. There are many shelving designs and ideas you can try on your home, some of them are interesting, beautiful and practical. However, you might need to get rid some of furniture to free up space, you can search for “furniture removal near me” to get the best way to free up your home space. Here the best shelving ideas you can try to complete your home in a beautiful way.

  1. Wood Crates Shelves

This is the easiest way to build a shelves by yourself. All you need is bunch of wood crates, screws and anchors. Then, you will need to use sandpaper, wood stain and old clothes to clean and stain the wood crates. You can use single wood crates or you can put together lots of wood crates and create a huge wood crates shelves. Simply combine them as you please and you will get your own, personalized wood crates shelves.

  1. Marble Shelves

While wood is great choices as shelving material and any other furniture, but marble can also be a great choice. You can use marble tiles after floor renovation on your home or you can simply buy individual pieces on Home Depot or online store. The idea is replacing wood boards for shelving with marble tiles, then you can build shelves with the same process as wood shelving. However, you can explore any other way to build shelves, such as using leather cord and scissors as hanging shelves.

  1. Industrial Shelves

If you want to get a subtle industrial hint on your interior design, one of the best way is by highlighting industrial hardware and use them as material for your shelves. You can build it easily, all you need to do is find industrial hardware such as metal pipes and fittings, stained wood board, pipe elbow, and pipe falanges. Industrial hardware has masculine side look and feel, so it will look great on your office, your boy’s room, garage or your “man’s cave”!

  1. Repurposed items Shelves

You can create shelves for virtually anything, using repurposing items is a great and fun ideas for shelving. You can choose any unused items from your warehouse, from old skateboard, broken chair, or any other items. All you need is find a way to mount any repurposing items on the wall, you don’t need to recondition the items and simply put them on the wall. It creates personal and fun touch to your whole interior design.

  1. Multipurpose Shelves

If you are having limited space and want to make the most of the space on your home, you might need a multipurpose shelve. You can combine a simple wall shelf and a key holder to put beside the door, or you can build shelve using industrial shelves to create the combination of walk in closet and shelve. This is a great way to solve your space problems.

There are many shelves Ideas and Style you can choose to make the most of limited house space. However, you need to understand whether you build your own shelves or buy it from Home Depot, make sure that you are not put more weight on your shelves than is recommended.