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Elevated Mattress Gardening Pros and Cons

Elevated Mattress Gardening Pros and Cons

There are as a lot of ways to framework a garden as there are unique kinds of gardens them selves.  A person type of gardening that is turning into extra well-liked is lifted mattress gardening.  Elevated mattress gardening consists of planting in elevated beds of soil, irrespective of whether in substantial planter boxes, or even more substantial locations you construct by yourself.  Elevated mattress gardening has a lot of strengths, and a several drawbacks as well.  A overview of the pros and negatives can be handy in deciding if lifted mattress gardening is for you.


  1. If you have weak soil, lifted mattress gardens let you to prepare your personal abundant mix of soil over floor for increasing your vegetation.
  2. Elevated beds are a lot easier to obtain due to the fact you will not have to bend above as a great deal, therefore lowering exhaustion and personal injury to the knees and again.
  3. Elevated beds are also best for elderly or disabled gardeners who are unable to attain down to the floor.  Elevated mattress gardens can be manufactured at practically any height to meet the gardener’s wants
  4. Plants are uncomplicated to hold structured.  For example, you can plant tomatoes in a person elevated portion and peppers in a different.
  5. Useless leaves and other garden particles will be confined to their personal place, aiding you keep a tidier look in your yard.
  6. Elevated garden beds let you to prepare exclusive beds of soil customized to several vegetation.  For example, vegetation that need to have a highly acidic soil can be grouped in a person place, and you can prepare the soil to the suitable pH precisely for their wants.
  7. In heavy rains, there is fewer probability of soil erosion.
  8. Rabbits, moles, and other garden pests are fewer probably to be in a position to obtain your vegetation.
  9. Elevated mattress gardens are best for lengthier rooted crops that need to have many inches to a foot of superior high-quality soil.  For example, carrots will do pretty well in lifted mattress gardens.
  10. Elevated mattress gardening is a great choice if you have really very little room.  Elevated beds can even be manufactured on a little deck or patio place for increasing a collection of herbs, greens, or bouquets.


  1. Any tilling you need to have to do in your lifted beds will in all probability have to be completed by hand.  It really is complicated to use tractors or rotary tillers in a lifted mattress garden.
  2. The original up entrance cost of developing lifted mattress gardens is extra costly than simply tilling a regular garden into your soil.  Elevated mattress gardening kits can be bought online that make the building method more quickly and a lot easier.
  3. The edges of a lifted mattress garden have to be well strengthened during the original building, or they may well get started to break down above time, making and ongoing servicing problem.
  4. If you live in a really dry local climate, lifted mattress gardens will