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How to Find the Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Your Project Airless paint sprayers have two main benefits. First, there’s speed. You’ll likely be able to finish your work in half the usual time compared to using a roller or brush. And the second reason has to do with finish quality: it’s terrifically simple to paint a large surface without ending up with too many imperfections in the final product. As far as price goes, they are typically in the range of around $200. As you might expect, spending more on a high-end model will generally get you a more durable unit and a more powerful motor. Having said that, even the more affordable models will get the job done just fine. You also need to decide whether to buy your sprayer outright or rent it instead. Of course, owning it means you can use it whenever you want. On the other hand, renting is appropriate if it’s a one-time job, or you don’t intend to use your sprayer all that often.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Equipment
You might also wonder how these even work. The overall mechanism is not that complicated: the motor pushes the paint through a hose, and out of the detachable tip. Regardless of the kind of tip you use, they all involve fanning the spray out in a broad pattern. Once you get some practice, it won’t be hard to paint walls, doors, and even furniture with a professional-looking outcome. You can also count a high level of efficiency due to the high rate of pressure produced by the motor. The upshot of all this is that even intimidating jobs like long fences will be within your grasp as an individual hobbyist.
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In spite of all that, you should also know that airless sprayers can come with certain downsides. First of all, not all the particles that are sprayed out successfully adhere to the surface you’re spraying. Some of it can even end up settling on to surfaces you weren’t aiming at. Sometimes, depending on the type of project, more than 20% of the original paint can be wasted. This leads naturally to the second shortcoming, which is that you must spend time covering up everything in the area that you’re not painting. You might think that keeping your work outdoors would limit any danger, but there’s always the risk of paint residue ending up on plants or other peoples’ property. Once you’re finished, you might think your work is done. Unfortunately, there’s still the task of cleaning off the hose and tip of the sprayer. If you own the unit yourself, there’s also the cost of cleaning its filters. Hopefully, this article has helped you determine if airless paint sprayers are for you. In many cases, they can be far more useful than typical paint rollers.